New website for Kingston Parish Hall

Welcome to Kingston Parish Hall’s new and improved website. We took the decision to upgrade the old one as it was designed some time ago and no longer met current visitors’ needs. We recognise that people are accessing the site using a variety of desktop and mobile devices and now have a website that works for all.

The new site is easier to use for those wanting to book the Hall. It features clearer navigation and buttons to the various documents and content hirers are looking for. The purpose of the website is to show off our Parish Hall and we have added a new gallery feature. We welcome your photos and videos as we would like to showcase some of the ways Kingston Parish Hall is being put to use. (If you are sharing photos or videos, please ensure you have the consent of anyone included in them and they are happy to appear on our website.)

A Little More About Kingston Parish Hall

Kingston Parish Hall is a self-sustaining (funding) entity set up as a charity. It is managed by a small group of trustees on a voluntary basis. We hope that you find the new website to your liking. We look forward to your comments and feedback on ways that we can continue to improve your experience of the site. We are always looking to attract new hirers and use the funds to improve the Hall and facilities that we are able to offer.

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