Notes for Hirers

As you approach the front doors, a sensor light will come on and will stay on for a few minutes. The ‘key safe’ is to the left of the doors.

  • Open the front flap of the key safe from the top (hinged at the bottom)
  • Rotate dials to select access code
  • Depress two buttons (one each either side of key safe) to release door to key safe
  • Remove key
  • Close door to key safe
  • Scramble dial to hide access code

The lights to the main hall are on the left as you enter.

The heating is set to a timer and is included in the hire fee along with plug-in elctrical items and the AV equipment. Additional heating is provided by the wall heaters which are operated by a coin meter (£1 and £2 coins) located on the left as you enter the hall. If you use the wall mounted heaters, please check the meter reading before you exit the hall and top it up to the original level.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS details of KPH committee members are available on the KPH noticeboard in the lobby as you enter the hall.

FIRST AID BOX is available in the cupboard above the cooker in the kitchen.

ACCIDENTS Any accident must be entered in the Accident Book located next to the microwave in the kitchen and reported to the Booking Secretary within seven days of occurrence.

FIRE EXITS are located at the main entrance and to the side of the hall. Please keep them clear.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR EQUIPMENT can be found in a folder next to the microwave in the kitchen.

AUDIOVISUAL SYSTEM is available by prior agreement when the key will be provided. It is located on the stage with instructions.


  • Leave the hall clean and tidy, ready for the next hirer. A dustpan and broom and mop can be found in the store room if needed.
  • Turn off all the lights, lock the door and replace the key in the key safe.
  • Take ALL your rubbish home with you.
  • Leave the hall quietly.

For more details see the Terms and Consitions of Hire

THANK YOU – Kingston Parish Hall Committee

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