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The Street, Kingston Near Lewes

Booking Secretary: Mrs Merja Haiz
Tel: 07801652257
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Kingston Parish Hall (the Hall) is administered by its Management Committee (the Committee) according to the terms of a governing Deed, a copy of which may be viewed on request to the Chairman. Members of the Management Committee are also Trustees of the charitable trust to which the Hall belongs. The Committee is responsible under the authority of the Charities Act for the enforcement of all relevant laws and regulations.

For the purposes of these Conditions of Hire, the term “Hirer” shall mean the individual, or where the “Hirer” is an organisation, the Authorised Representative and the term Committee, (referred to above) or Booking Secretary shall mean a nominated Representative appointed by the Committee of Trustees for the Hall. The “Period of Hire” shall mean the time of entry until departure. This period shall include any set up and clear up times associated with the event for which the Parish Hall has been hired. 

  1. THE HIRER during the period of the hiring shall be responsible for the care and supervision of the premises the fabric and the contents and their protection from change or damage of any sort. The hirer shall also be responsible for ensuring the good behaviour of all persons using the premises in whatever capacity and for providing proper supervision of car parking arrangements so as to avoid obstructing the highway or the entrances to private driveways. 
  2. The Hirers special attention is drawn to the fact that the Committee only carries insurance against those risks which are their legal liability as the Managers of the Hall. Their insurance does not cover those risks which are the legal responsibility of the Hirer who is strongly recommended to effect an insurance cover appropriate for the purpose for which the Hall is being hired.
  3. The Hall is licensed for entertainment; including plays, music, dancing and other similarly related activities. Licensing does not include the sale of alcohol.
    (Note): The Licence does not cover Hirers who are commercial organisations or individuals earning an income from their provision of services or activities offered or performed.
  4. THE PREMISES shall not be used for public entertainment on Sundays, Christmas Day or Good Friday or on Mondays to Saturdays between the hours of midnight and noon unless special permission has been issued by the Committee and Lewes District Council (where applicable).
  5. THE HIRER shall obtain any other necessary licence; not covered by paragraph(s) 2 and/or 3 above. If the sale of alcohol is proposed a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) is required and submitted; obtainable from Lewes District Council.
  6. THE HIRER shall not sub-let the premises or use the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring on to the premises anything which may endanger the same or any insurance policies in respect thereof or allow the consumption of alcoholic liquor therein without written permission.
  7. THE HIRER shall notify the Booking Secretary immediately of any damage caused and indemnify the Committee for the cost of repairing damage done to any part of the property including the curtilage thereof or to the contents of the buildings which may occur during the period of the hiring as a result of the hiring.
  8. IF THE HIRER wishes to cancel the booking before the date of the event, this must be done by email to the Booking Secretary as soon as possible. Any cancellations within 48 hours of the event will be charged. 
    • Cancellation and refund for block bookings
      The 48 hour notice of cancelation to trigger a refund of the hire fee will not apply to block bookings when booked in advance. Notification by email to the booking secretary shall be required before a refund will be eligible where a block-booking is for two or more weeks for the same slots.
      Block bookings of two to six weeks: 14 days notice required
      Block bookings of six to twelve weeks: six weeks notice required
      Block bookings of more than 12 weeks will require 8 weeks notice.
  9. AT THE END of the hiring the Hirer shall be responsible ‘for leaving the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition properly locked and secured with any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions being properly replaced. The Committee reserves the right to recover all reasonable costs incurred resulting from failure of the Hirer to comply with this requirement.
  10. THE COMMITTEE reserve the right to cancel the hiring in the event of the Hall being required:
    a) use as al Polling Station for a Parliamentary European Parliamentary or Local Government election or by-election or Referendum; OR
    b) the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of St Pancras on Sundays and on usual festival days for ecclesiastical or charitable purposes with the Church of England.
    In which case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any monies already paid. The Committee shall not be responsible for any costs whatsoever arising out of such a cancellation.
  11. THE COMMITTEE shall not be liable to the Hirer for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from the Hall being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired.
  12. OUTBREAKS OF FIRE: The Fire Brigade shall be called to any outbreak of fire however slight and details thereof shall be given immediately to the Booking Secretary.
  13. THE HIRER must at all times during the period of the hiring keep the fire escape doors and lobbies at the front and side of the Hall the single door and access way at the rear of the stage and the external pathways the north and west side of the building clear and free from obstructions and ensure that emergency exit signs over both pairs of inner double exit doors to the Hall are switched on during the whole of the time the Hall is in use. The switches for the fire exit signs are on the right hand side of the doors.
  14. THE HIRER at the commencement of the period of hiring must familiarise him/herself with the fire evacuation procedure and with the position of all items of fire-fighting equipment which are as follows:-
    • Two of, Gas/Water fire extinguishers – one by each of the two pairs of inner double exit doors in the Hall;
    • One of, Fire Blanket and of, Co2 fire extinguisher in the Kitchen fixed to the wall;
    • One of Co2 Fire Extinguisher for electrical fires by the inner double exit doors the front of the Hall.
  15. Any accidents must be entered in the Accident Book, located next to the microwave in the kitchen and reported to the Booking Secretary within seven days of the incident.
  16. There is audio-visual equipment available for use in the hall – the main units are located in a locked black cabinet on the left of the stage. The equipment consists of a projector, amplification, a microphone, a mixer (which will take a computer input), a CD/DVD player and a TV tuner. Step by step operating instructions are in a blue folder in the cabinet and potential users should familiarise themselves with these instructionsA Member of the Committee is available to advise use of the media equipment. Please contact the Booking Secretary for details.The power for the equipment MUST be turned off after use and the cabinet securely locked.
  17. AT THE END of the hiring the Hirer shall be responsible for removing all goods, equipment and other items brought into the Hall and for turning offelectric heating, lighting and other electrical equipment INCLUDING THE EXTERNAL LIGHTS and the hot and cold water taps and for returning the key as agreed with the Booking Secretary. The Hall shall be vacated quietly and no later than 12.00 midnight.
  18. IN AN EMERGENCY the following information may assist the Hirer:
    • The electrical switches are in the cupboard in the north east corner of the Hall (on your left as you enter the front inner double doors).
    • There is a ‘trip switch’ in the electrical cupboard. In the event of the power circuit failing to reset the trip switch but if it keeps tripping turn off all the appliances and reset the switch and test to see which appliance is causing the problem AND REPORT TO THE BOOKING SECRETARY.
    • The main water stop cock is in the male toilet at floor level by the urinal.
    • There is a first aid box in the cupboard above the cooker in the kitchen.
  19. THE HIRERS special attention is drawn to the fact that the number of persons permitted on the premises at any one time by the Licensing Authority is as follows and that on no account must the attendance ever exceed these figures:
    • 100 when used for theatre style/close seating
    • 150 when used for dancing
    • 80 when used for functions utilising seating at tables
    • 100 when used for functions combining dancing and seating at tables.
  20. NO PERSON may hire the Hall if they are under the age of eighteen years or twenty one years If the hiring is for Public Entertainment or Theatre.
  21. THE HIRER must at all times during the hiring take all necessary steps to prevent a nuisance to the Village in general and the residents of The Street in particular when arriving and leaving or using the Hall especially by making excessive noise or obstructing driveways.
  22. THE HIRER’S special attention is drawn to the fact that they are responsible for the safety of all property brought into the Hall during their period of hiring whether on a permanent or temporary basis. The hirer is responsible for any electrical appliances brought into the Hall and used which must be in good working order.
    The Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage from whatever cause to such property whomsoever is the owner and strongly advise the hirer to take out such insurance as may be considered appropriate.
  23. THE HIRER is strictly prohibited from entering using the roof space over the Hall and Stage and must ensure that nobody using the Hall is allowed to climb on the flat roofs on the south and west sides.
  24. THE HIRER must not fix any notices decorations etc. to the walls and or ceilings with drawing pins, staples, sellotape, blu-tack or by any other method. The Hirer may fix items to woodwork with sellotape or blu-tack (NOT DRAWING PINS) but may use drawing pins (NOT STAPLES) to fix items to the pin rail which runs around three sides of the Hall at near to the level of the ‘Exit Signs’ and also to the pin boards in the front lobby and at the back of the Stage. The use of aerosol cans as sprays for decorations etc. is prohibited.
  25. THE HIRER is advised that a supply of one pound or two pound coins will be required for the electric prepayment meter for additional infrared wall heating. 
  26. THE HIRER’S special attention is drawn to the fact that the electrical circuits in the Hall are NOT fitted with any surge protection devices and they are strongly recommended to provide their own surge protection if they connect any computers, Public Address or Hi Fi systems, or similar equipment to the mains supply in the Hall.
  27. THE HIRER is to remove all food, drink and other waste from the Hall safely at the end of the hiring. The floor should be vacuum cleaned or swept accordingly and any spillage mopped up and cleaned appropriately. In order to prevent vermin, all such waste must not be left outside the Hall, but should be removed by the hirer to a waste disposal point.
  28. It is the Hirers responsibility to leave the hall clean and tidy ready for immediate occupation by the next hirer. The deposit will be retained if that is not the case.
  29. Bouncy Castles cannot be used in the hall.
  30. Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions, including occupation of the hall outside of the agreed hire period, may result in forfeiture of some or all of the deposit.
  31. Dogs are not allowed in the hall other than guide and support dogs.

KPH Terms and Conditions updated 07.2023

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